Friday, October 25, 2013

Five on Friday

Well this was my first official week of working fulltime.

Definitely some lows, but some highs.

It does get better...right??? Haha! It's Friday so it's already getting better.

#1 I can say that I only resorted to take out food once this week. Rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans from The Fresh Market. Oh and cookies. Because it was that kinda day...

#2 My daughter just walks around doing stuff like this. She needs no cue to be fabulous. Dear. Lord. Help. Me. She is soooo different from me (she really is). Sometimes I don't know whether to think she is hilarious or be completely terrified!

#3 Oh Thursday. You kicked my behind. I mixed up the date for my daughter's daycare Halloween party and got her all dressed as a princess that morning only to finally find the paper with the info in the car when we pulled up...and discover its NEXT Thursday. Cue mom frantically changing a very upset princess in the car and feeling SUPER (crummy) on the way to work.

On a positive note. The snack and candy for the party (which I procured at Kroger at 9:30pm) were delivered on time.

Point of the photo. Notice how I am using my peach pants to distract from my untamable mop of hair. Quite clever.

#4 Leaves are FINALLY starting to change. It's taking a little longer than last year and Arkansas is just AMAZING in the fall. Seriously y'all.

#5 Boom moment of the day. This really spoke to me. I know a lot of friends going through stuff and we are all freaking out about healthcare and the government. I am not always walking in this truth, but it stinks to see those who are beloved and redeemed getting so entangled in things that can be so easily surrendered to Him. Do we deal with life's problems and issues? Yes. But we do it leaning on Him every step of the way.

Clinging to that for this upcoming season.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Your daughter's hair is amazing. Like, AH-MAZ-ING!!! And, my daughter is so the same. Sometimes I think she's totally awesome and then I am completely scared of what the future is going to be. The teenage years are going to like a disneyland thrill ride for sure.

    1. Thank you! It is pretty much amazing but yeah she does have the personality to go with it. I was a really quiet child so I have no idea what it is like to be so outgoing at that age. Handful for sure!

  2. Your daughter reminded me of when I went through a phase when I was young, where I would watch Gone with the Wind all the time and make myself a big poofy dress from blankets, lol.

    1. Omg I totally see my daughter doing that! Thanks for stopping by :)