Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dollar Tree Fabric Storage

I had a serious problem with my fabric (I am sure none of you have this problem. I've been organizing and reorganizing it for over a year. But nothing has really been working. Despite my craft room being all spiffed up, fabric storage is a fail.

I've learned to not go crazy buying fabric and have my stash down to a realistic size for the space I have, but it's always a total mess.

 This really isn't helpful when I am busy with the shop and making things turns into a huge game of "how many places could that fabric possibly be?"

I was inspired by this really adorable and pretty storage solution I found on Pinterest. I don't have a shelf in my craft room for this, but I knew I could find a way to make it work.

I went to Dollar Tree and picked up 4 of these cute bins and 2 pieces of foam board.

 I went through my stash and organized according color family and folded neatly so I could see each piece of fabric. This actually didn't take very long. I could actually buy more fabric!
 Larger pieces are organized on the "bolts" and smaller ones in the bins organized by color, seasonal and novelty fabric are grouped together. The "bolts" fit perfectly long ways in my plastic drawers. Three of the little containers are in the bottom drawer.
Now when I go to check my stock or certain fabrics, I can see them right away. And my fabrics have a home and can go straight in the drawers when I get home from the craft store.
 Of course I couldn't resist the opportunity to label everything. Now I have room for things in the smaller plastic drawers that used to be crowding space on my work surfaces.

 Because I was able to free up lots of space on my surfaces, I used baskets I already had on hand to make containers for things like my personal projects, and items that are ready to sew. I have been wanting to do this for a while but didn't have a spot for the baskets.
 Now when I get some new shelves, I just have to move my bolts and baskets and I'm ready to go!

Remember you don't have to wait to have the most perfect craft space, to get organized or to be happy in the space you have.

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  1. I love how such a simple and inexpensive fix can make "just plain stuff" look like a photo from a magazine. Great JOB!

  2. Thanks Ann! It blows me away everytime at how nice some Dollar Tree containers and paper labels can make things :)

  3. LOVE the "bolt" idea!!! Great job!